Sunday, September 28, 2008



Monday, September 22, 2008

Multi-colored Gladiator

My favorite gladiator , love it because it comes in multi-colored, not that type in black or white we used to see.. saw it while i was shopping with hsien yun n boo..hsien yun also bought oen pair but in different color~~

imaging wearing it with a simple dress or a pair of short pants..haha..should be very nice!!


好久好久没这么开心了,是可以轻轻松松的开心, 放纵自己!!
现在总算可以让自己休息休息,两三天吧!! 过后又要为final拼了。
之前一段时间,总,心里头常常挂着“fyp”, 把它带在身边,有种无形的压力。它甚至霸占了我的睡眠时间,不让我睡得安!虽然累,但这是必经之路,一定要咬紧牙关的把它完成 =)
过程中,我看到你们毫不吝啬的提供帮助,帮我改‘slides’, 好开心!好开心有你们一起渡过大学生涯。开心自己能交到一班拿心出来交朋友的朋友。

你们去逛物,好想去kl shopping 啦。。

考完试后冲上槟城吃laksa, 炒粿条!

Friday, September 19, 2008

HapPy BiRtHdAy, 苹果妹

嘻嘻,虽然现在已经是19 号凌晨一点,但我还要透过我的部落向你说声:


Monday, September 15, 2008

Countdowning for presentation day 3..2..1..go!!

Feel very nervous for final year project presentation, 3 days to go, this coming Wed, i have to make a presentation for my project progress in this semester. Busy preparing for presentation and interim report lately, my mind was fully occupied by fyp, no mood to blog at all.

It has been 4 weeks since the last time i went back hometown, i miss my hometown, daddy, mummy and my comfortable bed. I do not have time to visit my brother in kl. I miss them deeply. After this presentation, i ll fly back to hometown. =)
*excited * I want to have nice outing with my hometown friends too.

This semester is the most stressful semester i had ever had in my university life. What Alex said was not true, i cant fully enjoy this year because of FYP. FYP is haunting everyone of us but i believe i can go through it.. Whatever happens, i will face it toughly. Goodluck to yiing shuang and yee hwee in your presentation, gambade yea!!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


Speechless + depression = crying non-stop
What can i get in return of losing 'tons' of tears?
Something happened but i am not willing to face it, keep avoiding it, it comes closer and closer.
I feel helpless in handling it, wondering what i can do to make the situation better.
It paralyzed me!
This week is a damn busy week - assignment, midterm, fyp and homework.
They really stress me up and occupy my mind.
Something that depressed me is temporarily flew out of my mind and i will try my best to prevent them from attacking me again!
I wanna kick them out of my life!

Friday, July 25, 2008


Goodbye forever, our cute and adorable Blackie
You are so "black" that's why we named you Blackie
We used to call you blackie or xiao hei
We used to scold you when you are naughty
We used to beat you with clothes hanger when you really pissed us off
We used to teach you 'sit' and 'hand up' command
We will always remember those happy moments you brought
We really heard what you tried to tell us before your last breathe
And you would never know what's our feeling of losing you

Rest in peace, B!